Team & Certification

Our Team

Fruits Canada has a team of specialist for growing & processing and Marketing of fruit.

Highly Experienced Management Team

Fruits Canada is run as a professional business operation, focused on establishing long term competitive advantages.

The management teams include MBAs from Ivy league schools with myriad of experience and top tier management consulting, capital market and financial services industry experience.

The orchard operations are managed by highly experienced horticulturists in close association with some of the best scientists & Agronomists. They have extensive experience and know – how of Blue Berries orchard development and global farming trends and techniques. The top managers are successful entrepreneurs and have established international business and exposures.

Leopold Bourgeois

Agri Consultant/Horticulture Specialist:

Born 1951 in Cocagne, New Brunswick and Mr Leopold attended primary and secondary school in Cocagne, New Brunswick ,Canada and graduated from school in 1968 and obtained BA Geography from University of Moncton 1972 with Specialization in Geography, Ecology from University of Ottawa 1973 and further did Masters in Geography, Ecology, Forest ecology, University of Ottawa in 1980.

During studies received many scholarships especially the ¨Seagram’s New-Brunswick Scholarship Award¨ which paid for most of my years in university.

Professional Experiences

Professional Experiences
  • Worked for NB Department of Highways summers during my studies: surveying and inspection of bridge and road construction.
  • Helped realize the Ecological study of the Lebanese Cedar Forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco during my Master studies at Ottawa U, for an organization called ¨Maroc Development¨.
  • Sylviculture work in forests of Kent County NB, selective and thinning cuts for the ¨Groupement Co- opératif Forestier de Kent Ltée.
  • Worked for CBC – Radio Canada as a researcher and interviewer on farming, fishing, forestry and other resources.
  • From 1979 to 2017 I was co-owner and field person with ¨La Fleur du Pommier Ltée¨ a farm producing mostly apples, Ras-berries, wild Blue Berries and High Bush Blueberries but also small fruits and vegetables.
  • Since 2017 worked as a consultant with Fruits Canada in Tree Fruit, wild & High Bush Blue Berries Production for various farms in Prince Edward Island.
Also Mr.Leoplod had been involved and member of many Agricultural/Horticulture Organizations
  •  2 terms as president of ¨Apple Growers of NB¨ 1986 and 1996.
  • Member and currant Chair of the Agricultural Insurance Commission of NB.
  • Current member of the Farm Products Commission of NB.
  •  Past president of the Really Local Harvest Coop.
  •  Current member and past co-president of the Cocagne Watershed Sustainable Development Group.
  •  Since 1983 I have been a member of the International Tree Fruit Association, an international group of professionals in tree fruit production and I have travelled widely for field tours and conferences on the subject: Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, upper New York state, other New England states, France, England, the Netherlands, the Sud-Tyrol area of Northern Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina.
  •  Also participated in farmer exchanges with the West African country of Burkina-Faso.
Fruits Canada holds the certification from Canada Gap for quality growing of Fruits for 2019 and 2020.